Monday, September 7, 2009

Pretty Lady Tut ~ FTU

"Pretty Lady"

This tutorial was written by myself on
Any resemblence to any others is purely

I am assuming you have some knowledge
in PSP.

2 Tubes..a close up and a regular.
I am using the fantastic work of
Denis Rino and you can find the tubes

1 Scrapkit..Im using the AMAZING kit
by ziggyFan and you can find it at:
It is part of the Total Disorder blog train
and it is FTU.

1 Mask of choice.

This tut is quick and easy..ENJOY!

Open Frame2 and resize by 80%.
Copy and paste as new image.
Image>Canvas Size 650/650.
We can resize later.

With magic wand click inside your frame.
Modify>Expand by 6.
Copy and paste paper 4 as a new layer.
Layers>Invert and hit delete on your
keyboard. Drag your paper layer
underneath your frame layer.
Do NOT deselect yet.

Copy and paste closeup tube as a new layer.
Once you have it positioned to your liking
hit delete on the keyboard once again.
Take the opacity to about 50% on this layer.
Drag this layer under your frame layer.
Make sure you have not deselected.

Click back on to your frame layer.
Copy and paste Ribbon2 as a new layer.
Resize by 80%.
Position on the bottom of the frame and
erase the end hanging off..see my tag for

Add a slight drop shadow of choice.

Click on the bottom layer in your layer pallete
and add paper5 as new layer.
Add mask of choice as I do not know where I got
the one I used so I cant provide it.
I resized my mask by 80%.

Using the same mask I reapplied with paper4 this time.
Resized by 80% and rotated to the left by 90.

Click back on your top layer.

Open flower2 and resize by 20%.
Copy and paste it on the frame in the left top
corner. Layers>duplicate>Image>mirror.

Add drop shadows of choice.

In a bold font type out "PRETTY LADY"
in colors of choice to match your tubes.
I used a gradient as a fill.
Duplicate them and paste them around your frame
as I have done (see tag for reference).
Add a drop shadow of choice.

Add your 2nd tube in a position of choice.
Add drop shadow.

Add your copyright info ect now.

In font of choice add your name on the top corner.
I used the font Brush Script.

Dont forget to crop your tag to the size of your choice.

If you have any questions please contact me at


Sunday, September 6, 2009


Gooood evenin ya'll!!
Wow its been a whole long while since Ive done anything here.
However that is about to change.
I have joined a CT and will be writing tutorials as often as possible.
Check em out when ya can!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Note

Wow its been awhile since I have posted anything here.
Alot has been going on in my real life and online world as well.
I have left the stores I was selling in .. it was a fun ride.
If you are interested in any of my kits please email me!
I will post new stuffs here and there when I have time so please
check back when ya have the time.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Got My Jeans On ~ Tut

This tut was done using my "Old Blue Jeans"
kit..thanks sooOOoo much Lori for working
with my kit!

Find the tut on Loris blog

Friday, April 17, 2009

~Old Jeans

This is my newest kit.
"Old Jeans"
I had alot of fun making this kit!
You can find it at

Fairy Magic Tag/Tut

This is a tag/tut done using my Bloomin kit.
You can find the tut HERE
Tut written by DesignsbyLynne. GREAT JOB!

You can find the kit HERE

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


If interested in this kit please email me using the link below.