Monday, September 7, 2009

Pretty Lady Tut ~ FTU

"Pretty Lady"

This tutorial was written by myself on
Any resemblence to any others is purely

I am assuming you have some knowledge
in PSP.

2 Tubes..a close up and a regular.
I am using the fantastic work of
Denis Rino and you can find the tubes

1 Scrapkit..Im using the AMAZING kit
by ziggyFan and you can find it at:
It is part of the Total Disorder blog train
and it is FTU.

1 Mask of choice.

This tut is quick and easy..ENJOY!

Open Frame2 and resize by 80%.
Copy and paste as new image.
Image>Canvas Size 650/650.
We can resize later.

With magic wand click inside your frame.
Modify>Expand by 6.
Copy and paste paper 4 as a new layer.
Layers>Invert and hit delete on your
keyboard. Drag your paper layer
underneath your frame layer.
Do NOT deselect yet.

Copy and paste closeup tube as a new layer.
Once you have it positioned to your liking
hit delete on the keyboard once again.
Take the opacity to about 50% on this layer.
Drag this layer under your frame layer.
Make sure you have not deselected.

Click back on to your frame layer.
Copy and paste Ribbon2 as a new layer.
Resize by 80%.
Position on the bottom of the frame and
erase the end hanging off..see my tag for

Add a slight drop shadow of choice.

Click on the bottom layer in your layer pallete
and add paper5 as new layer.
Add mask of choice as I do not know where I got
the one I used so I cant provide it.
I resized my mask by 80%.

Using the same mask I reapplied with paper4 this time.
Resized by 80% and rotated to the left by 90.

Click back on your top layer.

Open flower2 and resize by 20%.
Copy and paste it on the frame in the left top
corner. Layers>duplicate>Image>mirror.

Add drop shadows of choice.

In a bold font type out "PRETTY LADY"
in colors of choice to match your tubes.
I used a gradient as a fill.
Duplicate them and paste them around your frame
as I have done (see tag for reference).
Add a drop shadow of choice.

Add your 2nd tube in a position of choice.
Add drop shadow.

Add your copyright info ect now.

In font of choice add your name on the top corner.
I used the font Brush Script.

Dont forget to crop your tag to the size of your choice.

If you have any questions please contact me at