Friday, February 6, 2009

~Hula Hut

This tutorial was written by me,
SassyCee on 2-6-09.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial
is purely coincidental.

~Mask of choice or the one I used.
You can get it here montispixelplayground

~Scrapkit of choice. Im using the fantastic
work of Alane at Inspired to dream scraps
~Okay now that you have your supplies,
go grab a soda and a couple snacks and
lets get the party started!~

Alright if you have done my tuts
before you know the first step lol..
new image 600x600. Floodfill this white.

Paste one of the bamboo frames as a new
layer and resize it by 30%.

With your magic wand, close your eyes
and say bippity boppity boo and push the
mouse button and watch the lil magic ants
dance around inside the frame. LoL
Okay, okay click inside the frame with
your magic wand lol.
Modify/expand by 2.

Paste one of these beautiful print papers
or a graphic of choice into selection and
deselect. Add drop shadow of choice.

Open Lei2 and lets resize it unless you
want to print it out to wear hehe.
Resize it by 25% and move it to the top
left of the frame. Use your pick tool to
rotate it and then erase a small part
so it looks like it is hanging over the

Open the ukulele and resize it by 25%
as well. Again use your pick tool and
rotate it to the right just a bit and add
a dropshadow.

Open flowerset and resize by 10%.
Paste the bunch as a new layer on the
bottom of your frame and duplicate twice
so you have 3 arrange them as you want.
Merge them visible and add a dropshadow.

Open the hut and resize by 3% and yes I said
3% lol. Paste it as a new layer on the
sand in the paper. You will need to sharpen
this and add a dropshadow.

Open a lil hula girl of choice and resize her
by 3% again. Paste her near the hut and
again sharpen and dropshadow.

Open palmtree01 and resize 30%. Paste behind
your frame layer. Position to the left. Add
a dropshadow.

Nowww for the finale lets click on the bottom
white layer and add a paper of color of choice.
Then we will add a mask of choice. Or the one
I used which is montis blinds mask.

Please add all your copyright info and your
watermark now.

Add name of choice and enjoy.

If you have any questions you can reach me at



Maria said...

I would love to try this tut but the link for the scrapkit doesn't work..