Thursday, February 5, 2009

~Bringing Sexii Back

~Bringing Sexii Back~
This tutorial was written on
2-5-09 by SassyCee

If it looks familiar in anyway it
is purely coincidental.

~Supplies you will need:
2 Tubes of choice mine are done by
Susan Heidi and you can find her work

Scrapkit of choice or the one I am using.
It is called Pink and its a freebie by
Beas you can find it at

Mask of choice ~ dont have a clue where
I got mine so I cant supply it.


(Please remember to add dropshadows
to your liking throughout the tut.)

File/new 550x550 floodfill white.

Open frame3 and paste as new layer.

With magic wand click inside the frame,
modify/expand 2.

Paste paper of choice resized by 70%
as a new layer. Selections invert and
hit delete on your keyboard.

Do not deselect.

Add close up tube or tube of choice as
a new layer and position to the left side
of the frame. Hit delete on the keyboard
one more time. Deselect.

Make sure these layers are under the frame

Make sure you are on the top layer.

Paste frame2 as a new layer and position
to the right side of the first frame.

With your magic wand click inside both
of these frames.

Modify/expand 2.

Add a different paper of choice.
Selections invert and hit delete on the
keyboard once more. Deselect. Move these
papers under the frame.

Back on the frame2 layer click inside one
of them with the magic wand and paste 2nd
tube as a new layer. Position it to show
what you want in the frame and modify/invert
and hit delete on the keyboard.

Follow the above step for the other frame.

Close off all layers accept the frame 2,
the papers and tubes in frame tube and merge
those visible.

Open the other layers back up.

Open bow5 and paste as a new layer.
Resized by 80%. Move it between the two

Using your pick tool resize the bow to fit
to your liking.

Paste deco3 as a new layer resized by 30%.
Move it in the middle of the bow.

Hide your bottom layer and merge the rest
visible. Open your bottom layer again.

Open frame3 again and paste as new layer on
top of your bottom layer.

Click inside the frame with your magic wand.
Modify/expand 2.
New raster layer. Floodfill with color of

Move this layer under your frame and merge
these 2 layers together.

Image free rotate/right by 20.00.

Open butterfly of choice and resize by 50%.
Paste as new layer and move to the upper left
of the frame.

Click back on your bottom white layer again.

Add paper of choice and apply mask of choice.

Choose one of the doddles and apply to your
tag to your liking.

Now add your copyright and watermark info.

Add name and enjoy :)

You can reach me at